Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Frieman has been a HUGE help to our daughter, Samantha (age 2), who suffered from frequent ear infections - and antibiotics just were not working. Regular visits to Dr. Frieman have been Sam's cure. Not one ear infection in the past year! It has made the "twos" not so terrible after all."

- J.M.K.

"I was telling my health woes to a friend of how absolutely miserable I was due to a year long headachce. Besides a huge headache in the middle of the back of my head, I was tired, cranky, and had bouts of vertigo. My quality of life was not great. I did the usual rounds of doctors, including a neurologist, who did scans and handed me pills, a dentist who gave me a bite guard and valium, an ENT, an allergist and an acupuncturist. To no avail, many days of laying on the couch, in a crummy mood, realizing this is no way to live my life.

As I continued venting to this friend, she said that her chiropractor, Dr. Frieman had helped her with various health issues. She said that I should talk to him. I just wasn't sure. It didn't sound so "high tech", what could he possibly be able to do? But, then I figured, what do I have to lose?

As I walked into Dr. Frieman's Chiropractic office, with flowing tears, I filled out the questionnaire, realizing how much pain, money and time was wasted this past year. Within a few minutes, the doctor said that he had an answer.... I had the equivalent of whiplash! The interesting thing is that I wasn't in a car accident, I hurt my neck in water aerobics. What a miracle, I finally had an answer to my pain instead of surmising some strange, incurable disease. Within three days I was back to my old self, able to make it through the day without a major headache in a relatively happy mood.

I cannot say enough about how Dr. Frieman turned my life around with his skill and wit. His staff is also very accommodating, caring and patient.

I'm very glad to have an opportunity to tell my story and hope it helps others. Last December I complained to my doctor at Kaiser about what had become unbearable ailments in various seemingly unrelated aspects of my health, from joint pains to stomach problems. My doctor began a wide range of tests, x-rays, MRI and specialist referrals to determine the cause. Based on the results of the MRI one specialist wanted to proceed with surgery. The whole investigative process took more than two months during which time I was prescribed a wide range of painkillers, none of which worked, to alleviate my constant 24/7 pain and other serious problems all having an amplified impact on my sensitive health as a diabetic. Prompted by my disbelief that surgery was the only answer and not being able to wait for 'the supposed experts' to figure it all out 'in their own good time,' I decided to see a Chiropractor at my own expense (as my insurance didn't recognize the validity of or cover the cost of such treatment.) I found Dr. Fuson and new x-rays were taken. To my infuriation that simply can't be put into words there was a glaringly obvious misalignment in my spine that had somehow simply been missed by all previous 'supposed experts.' I began a treatment program with Dr. Fuson. From the first visit I began feeling better, and following regular visits over the course of a couple months all of the problems I was having seem to have gone away. I can't describe how thankful I am to be free of the pain I was in, or how upset I am at my 'Kaiser primary care."

- C. M.

"I started seeing Dr. Frieman upon the recommendation of a friend because I was looking for a chiropractor in the Towson area. The first thing I noticed about Frieman Chiropractic was the friendly, caring staff. I liked that Dr. Frieman waited to adjust me until he had copies of my prior x-rays, rather than taking new films and exposing me to additional radiation. I had been to other chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Frieman was the first to use a ruler and marker on my x-ray films to determine exactly how far out of alignment my spine was. I was impressed by this scientific approach to chiropractic care as well as the thoroughness of my initial examination.

As I watched Dr. Friemen interact with his patients and staff, it became quite obvious that he loves what he does, and his primary interest is in helping his patients be healthy and pain-free. He offers advice on how to better care for your body at each visit, and even hosts free in-office seminars for small groups.

Dr. Frieman helped me to understand that being healthy means more than not being sick. If you are considering chiropractic care, I highly recommend Frieman Chiropractic."

- A. N.

"Like so many of us who work stressful jobs, lead busy personal lives and struggle daily to balance both, I started to feel like the oldest 30-year old on the planet. My neck and I were in a fierce daily battle, and it was quite obvious I was painfully losing! It finally got to the point where I could not turn my head; then came the headaches on a weekly basis and frankly, I just couldn't focus on my daily activities such as work or family. I was miserable and at the end of my rope.

I finally called Dr. Frieman's office and got a new patient exam the very same day I called. The staff there are simply amazing and I consider them to be a pseudo-family in a way because they truly care about how I am doing. Their office is so cool and laid back... it's terrific.

After being treated for about a month, I cannot say enough about how different I feel. Even friends and coworkers who don't know I've been seeing Dr. Frieman have been commenting on how different I look. They say I have a "glow" about me now, that something is "different"... and I know exactly what they're talking about.... it's the absence of pain!! I'm standing straighter, I feel better, and I have no more headaches. It is truly such a blessing. I don't know where I'd be right now without Frieman Chiropractic.

So thank you to Dr, Frieman, Dr. Fuson, Erin, Paula, Dani and everyone there who makes each visit even one step closer for me to those coveted Maintenence Visits!! You guys are the best!!"

- H. M.

"Hi Dr. Frieman,

I just wanted to thank you for the Stress Relief Workshop you provided for my wife and I. As someone who's struggled with stress and anxiety most of his adult life, I immediately found (and continue to find) the guided meditation invaluable to my everyday life in spite of my skepticism regarding its legitimacy and effectiveness. When my stress level is high, the only way I can describe the feeling is as though there are 5 different radios in my head playing 5 different songs and all a little too loud. All I want is to turn down the "volume", and through prescription medication I'm able to do that when I feel anxious or stressed out. The guided meditation, however, is the ONLY thing that has allowed me to turn everything "off". Knowing I'm easily capable of taking control of my mind through meditation is more empowering than anything else I've ever experienced.

The day after I took your Stress Relief Workshop, I was running late thanks to heavy traffic. Typically this would have been something that would have caused a knot in my stomach and had me fumbling with my Blackberry to make sure things weren't an absolute disaster in the office in my absence. Instead, I marveled at how calm and peaceful I felt.

Do I still deal with stress? Absolutely. Does guided meditation cause me to take off the headphones and go skipping gleefully through the office? Absolutely not. However, in the face of even my largest, anxiety-inducing stressors, I'm able to take them head on in peace and calmness. Since the workshop, I have not needed to take my anxiety medication at all thanks to guided meditation.

I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this life-changing, healthy method of managing stress!"

- Anonymous

"Dr. Frieman has given me my life back! When I went to my 1st appointment with Dr. Frieman I was needless to say desperate, willing to try anything but had no belief that he would be able to help me. My friends walked me into the office as I was in great pain and actually had NO feeling in my right arm or hand and NO feeling in my left leg except pins and needles. I was unable to walk without assistance and slept for only a few hours an evening if that.

To test what my friends had said, I gave Dr. Frieman several symptoms I was experiencing and he told me what vertebrae would be out in the x-rays he was about to do. After completing my initial exam and x-rays, he was not only right, but he was also able to tell me several other illnesses I was experiencing but had never told him about. As a special education teacher this enamored me, I had to know how he knew these things about me that he had never been told. So like I always tell my students, never turn down a proven thing, so I began my road to a healthier, happier life.

It's now been about ten years and Dr.Frieman has always been there for me, keeping me moving and healthy in all areas of my life. When needed he has referred me to specialist, consulted with my doctors, and taught me how to make healthier choices for my life. But most of all He has never given up on me and keeps me from giving up on myself.

He's the real stuff and doesn't pull any punches. It may not always be easy but he'll hang in there with you no matter where the road takes you if you're willing to but in the effort and not expect overnight success!

Thanks, Dr. Frieman for all you do! Love, One of your thankful patients."

- Anonymous


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